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Is your air conditioner struggling to cool your home or business in the Denver, CO, summer weather? You may need to clean the coils. Most air conditioners will struggle to generate and deliver conditioned air if the condenser and evaporator coils are dirty.

At JC Mechanical LLC, we help homeowners and businesses in Denver, CO, avoid AC coil problems with our cleaning service. We are the AC coil cleaning company to trust when you want fast and efficient service. We have more than 30 years of experience restoring AC units to optimum capacity.

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Why You Need to Keep Your AC CoilS Clean

All parts of your air conditioner must be in good shape before it can function effectively. However, some elements, such as the AC coils, are more integral to the cooling process. Heat transfer occurs in the coils. Dirt, grease, and dust collecting on the coils create a barrier that makes heat transfer more difficult. As a result, your air conditioner’s efficiency will drop significantly over time. Thus, keeping your AC coils clean can bring the following advantages:

Improved efficiency

Reduced wear and tear

Improved indoor air quality

If you want your air conditioner to start functioning more effectively over time, we recommend cleaning your ac coils twice a year, at least.

The Health Benefits of AC Coil Cleaning

Dirty AC coils mean dirt and debris will spread around your home or office once the air conditioner comes on. Inhaling the dust and dirt can worsen or trigger respiratory problems.

In family homes, this could mean missed school and work days. In commercial environments, it could lead to reduced productivity.

Call the top AC cleaning company in Denver, CO, today to schedule an appointment and make the air around your home or business healthier.
AC Coil Cleaning - JC Mechanical

How Frequently Should You Clean Your AC Coils?

We recommend cleaning your AC coils at least once a year. However, you’ll need to clean your AC coils more frequently if you live in a dustier-than-normal environment, such as near new developments or industrial complexes. Our highly experienced technicians can evaluate your air conditioning and recommend the right cleaning frequency.

AC Coil Cleaning Process - JC Mechanical

Our AC Coil Cleaning Process

At JC Mechanical LLC, we use high-quality cleaning supplies and special equipment to clean your AC coils.  

We start the cleaning process by shutting down the air conditioner and taking it apart to reach the evaporator and condenser coils. Once exposed, we’ll hose down the coils and spray them with a commercial cleaning formula designed to cut through dust, dirt, and debris.

We’ll allow the cleaning solution to settle for a while to ensure proper penetration before using a brush to force any caked-on dirt loose. After some minutes of brushing, we’ll rinse off the cleaning agent. If there are any visible traces of dirt left, we’ll repeat the process.

Unlike DIY approaches, our team of experienced technicians can complete the cleaning process without damaging sensitive parts of your air conditioner.

End Your "AC Coil Cleaning Company Near Me" Search in Denver, CO—Choose JC Mechanical LLC

At JC Mechanical LLC, we are firm believers in providing service that we can always stand by. We are not your average AC coil cleaning company because we emphasize consistency and exceptional customer service on every project. As professionals with deep roots in the local community, we always strive to develop and maintain long-term relationships with all our customers.

Call the JC Mechanical LLC team today at (720) 779-7263 to schedule a consultation. Let’s show you why we are the top AC coil cleaning company in Denver, CO.