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Denver, CO is a breathtaking winter wonderland with plenty of ski resorts for residents and tourists. Thousands of chilly skiers search for refuge from the cold in the form of hot chocolate and toasty rooms. Whether leaving Echo Mountain to return home or finding comfort in a resort like Loveland Ski Area, a working furnace is vital for recuperating before the next outing. 

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, the occasional furnace repair is inevitable for optimal heating power on your premises. At JC Mechanical LLC, our family-owned and operated HVAC company provides 24/7 services in the Denver area. Our over 500 five-star reviews prove we’re your go-to service for all furnace concerns. 

How to Tell When You Need a Heater Repair

Many believe a furnace is efficient until it stops working altogether. However, a complete shutdown is the final sign of a longstanding problem that a quality furnace repair company should have taken care of long ago. 

Most residents and business owners aren’t usually aware of these concerns. They don’t know which symptoms pose a threat, or they brush off minor unusual behavior. They may also not keep up with their semiannual maintenance checks that put their unit through a professional and intricate examination.

Below, we’ll explain which signs are typical and which require a heater repair. 

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Unusual Noises

No HVAC unit is completely silent when functioning. Still, noises should be few and far between. For instance, you may hear chirping or humming as the heater ignites, pinging as air enters the duct system, and crackling as the heater cools down.

If these noises become louder or more persistent, you may need a furnace repair. You may also need professional assistance with any of the following:

Scraping sounds mean metal parts are rubbing together because they’re out of place or loose, like a broken blower wheel.

Screeching comes from dry moving parts that need lubrication, like the blower motor. It also originates from broken moving parts like a snapped fan belt.

Squealing or whistling derives from air release, whether from an air leak or restricted airflow.

Popping or banging is normal as the metal ducts expand and contract with the presence or absence of heat. It can also come from a faulty furnace, dirty burners, or cracked heat exchanger, which needs immediate replacement.

Clicking occurs when your furnace ignites a spark to turn on your heater. If the clicking continues through your entire heating cycle, it may point to a defective ignition board. You may also have dirty burners or faulty flame sensors struggling to light your furnace.

What You Can Do Before Calling for Heater Servicing

Although some problems may seem astronomical, the solutions can be simple. Before turning to a professional furnace repair in Denver, CO, consider fighting the 20-degree winter lows with the following tips.

An air filter keeps dust, animal dander, and other contaminants from entering your furnace. This device keeps internal components from breaking down due to grime buildup. It also traps and locks allergens that you and your loved ones would breathe in otherwise. 

Within just a few months, a thick wall of contaminants accumulates on your filters, blocking optimal airflow. To get the most out of your heating unit, gently wash away particles or replace the filters. Afterward, you’ll notice better heating power, more air circulation, and cleaner air quality without heater servicing. 

Your thermostat is the brains of your furnace system. It determines your current household temperature and examines your temperature setting. The thermostat prompts your unit to turn on if the household temperature is lower than the setting, and then turn off when the two numbers match. 

If your thermostat has defective or dead batteries, it’ll frequently provide false readings that keep your furnace off during colder temperatures. It may also force your furnace to keep running, even after your house is sufficiently warm. Consider changing the batteries, but if that action doesn’t work, you may have a wiring issue that needs a heater repair service. 

If you have a gas furnace, the pilot light ignites the natural gas that runs through a valve and into the main burner. This process creates warm air that travels through each household room. If your pilot light goes out, cool air comes out instead. 

Like a gas stove, a furnace pilot light goes out primarily due to dirt or grime buildup that suffocates the tiny flame. If cleaning the pilot mouth doesn’t help, strong winds from faulty ventilation, broken gas valves, or low gas pressure may be the culprit. You should also take note of the pilot light color since a yellow flame indicates dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

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Furnace Repair - JC Mechanical

Finding the Best Technicians for Your Furnace Repair

If a DIY solution doesn’t improve your warm airflow or reduce your energy bills, call on furnace specialists. With numerous HVAC companies on the market, how can you tell who to trust? 

Firstly, you should consider what existing customers say about the services and technicians. Comb through trustworthy reviews on Google, Facebook, or the company’s testimonials page to get a feel for the team’s pros and cons. You can also ask relatives who have had good experiences with HVAC teams for referrals. 

If you find a company with five-star reviews and plenty of positive feedback, examine its qualifications. Visit the company website to understand its list of services and determine whether the team can assist you. Ensure they’re insured, bonded, and licensed for quality work and optimal safety. 

Finally, reach out for a consultation and ask for an estimate. If you decide to work with the company, they should provide a free written estimate outlining all necessary unit work and costs.

FAQs Regarding Heating Repair

If your unit is on the fritz, it’s only natural that you have questions about potential causes and solutions. While you can call us for over-the-phone assistance on what to do next, below are some FAQs regarding heating repair. 

Changing your filters once they become dirty is key to optimal airflow and reducing pressure on your unit. While it’s best to clean or replace them every three months before the start of each new season, poor air quality requires more changes.

If you have pets or live on a farm or in a congested city, more particles exist in your air. So, change the filters monthly to prevent an unnecessary furnace repair. 

Cleaning your furnace filters rather than tossing them every three months is more eco-friendly. If you choose to clean them, take a soft-bristled brush, warm water, and mild dish detergent and gently scrub until clean. Afterward, leave the filter to air dry before placing it back into your unit.

Why We Have Over 500 Five-Star Reviews

Our team at JC Mechanical LLC has over 30 years of experience serving residents and business owners in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. We offer 24/7 services for all units, from air conditioners to heat pumps and furnaces, making us the “#1 cooler and heater repair near me.” 

With licensed and bonded technicians specializing in old and new units, it’s no wonder we have over 500 five-star reviews from new and returning customers. To see what all the fuss is about, contact JC Mechanical LLC today. Call (720) 779-7263 for a free furnace repair estimate!