Do You Count the Basement When Sizing a Furnace?

do you count the basement when sizing a furnace

What do you need to know about your home’s heating, cooling, or indoor air quality? Call JC Mechanical for experienced professionals in Colorado who know the answers! Choosing the correct size furnace for your home is vital. Wouldn’t anyone want to keep their whole home warm without wasting money on a unit that can’t handle […]

Fixing a Stuck AC Relay Switch: How Pros Do It

ac relay switch

Is your air conditioner refusing to turn on or making unusual clicking noises? Your device might have a stuck AC relay switch. As the top-rated air conditioner repair experts in Denver, JC Mechanical offers prompt, friendly, and quality service no matter your air conditioner problem. Because we know enduring high heat without a working air conditioner […]

6 Tips for Choosing the Correct Heat Pump Size

heat pump size

If you’re having trouble with the heat pump in your Denver home, don’t hesitate to contact JC Mechanical for help. Call today! A heat pump is a convenient HVAC component offering cooling and heating by removing heat from one source and transferring it to another. Still, not all heat pumps are equal. Getting the appropriate […]

5 Factors That Affect AC Installation Costs

ac installation cost

Do you need a new air conditioner? Call JC Mechanical at 720-740-6083. No matter how well you take care of your air conditioner, eventually, you’ll need a new one. Keep reading to learn the five biggest factors that affect your AC installation cost. As Denver’s trusted AC installation company, JC Mechanical offers competitive rates and reliable […]

What To Know When Installing a New Furnace in an Old House

installing a new furnace in an old house

Look no further than JC Mechanical’s experts for a reliable furnace replacement in Denver, Colorado. Call today! Denver has many types of housing, including some of its older properties preserved as museums, inns, and private residences. Though the undeniable charm of older houses is something many people find desirable, it can be tough to fit […]

What Causes High Pressure Lockout on a Heat Pump?

what causes high pressure lockout on a heat pump

Heat pumps are an excellent alternative to traditional HVAC systems, but they can also experience issues. One particular issue is high-pressure lockout. A high pressure lockout is a safety feature that can prevent you from using your heat pumps correctly. But what causes high pressure lockout on a heat pump, and how can you avoid […]

Does an Air Conditioner Improve Air Quality?

does air conditioner improve air quality

It’s easy to look at your air conditioner as nothing more than a way to provide cool indoor air throughout the year. However, your air conditioner also affects indoor air quality (IAQ). Several factors negatively impact indoor air quality, such as dust, ozone, mold, pet dander, and pesticides. With that in mind, you might wonder, “Does […]

Do You Need a Furnace With a Heat Pump?

do you need a furnace with a heat pump

If you’re thinking of installing an energy-efficient heat pump, pairing a furnace with it may sound odd. Both systems generate heat, so wouldn’t using just one make the most sense? Some homes get by with one heating unit or the other, while others greatly benefit from their combined use. Which setup is right for you? […]

How Long Do HVAC Blower Motors Last?

how long do hvac blower motors last

JC Mechanical LLC is Denver, CO’s trusted heating and cooling company—call us to learn more about your blower motor, HVAC system, and anything else you’d like to know. Few parts are more important to efficient HVAC systems than blower motors. They help heaters and air conditioning units distribute air throughout your home so you can […]