AC Compressor Replacement

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If your air conditioner gives you trouble, one cause of the problem might be a failure of the compressor in your air conditioner’s outdoor unit. Without the compressor, your air conditioner can no longer cool air effectively. Damage to your AC compressor could shorten the lifespan of other crucial AC components. 

If you don’t know whether AC compressor replacement is the solution to your cooling problems in the Greater Denver area, reach out to the experts. A repair technician from JC Mechanical LLC is ready to inspect your central air or AC system and diagnose the problem.

The Importance of the AC Compressor

Central air conditioning systems and mini-split AC systems depend on the ability of the refrigerant to absorb heat from the interior of the house and radiate heat into the environment outside. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of the air conditioning system. It turns into a gas when it absorbs heat and turns into a liquid when it releases heat. 

The refrigerant in an AC system will not naturally return to a liquid state. The AC compressor forces the refrigerant to become liquid by applying pressure to it within the condenser coils. Under pressure, the refrigerant heats up, allowing the heat to radiate into the outside air. Once the refrigerant has lost its heat, it circulates back into the evaporator coils.

AC Compressor - JC Mechanical

Signs of AC Compressor Problems

If your HVAC system needs AC compressor replacement, the refrigerant will circulate through the house without releasing heat into the outside air. This leads to several air conditioning issues. 

AC Compressor Replacement Services

JC Mechanical LLC offers a full range of heating and cooling services, including AC compressor replacement and repair. Don’t replace your entire air conditioning system if you don’t have to. Save time and money by having one of our certified, experienced technicians replace your AC compressor with a new component from a trusted manufacturer.

AC Compressor Installation & Maintenance - JC Mechanical

AC Compressor Replacement Cost

The cost to replace AC compressor components depends on the model of the air conditioner, but you should expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for the job

The Importance of Air Compressor Installation and Maintenance

When you call the professional from JC Mechanical LLC to service your air compressor, we’ll check for other problems that your air conditioner might have and discuss ways to extend the life of your AC system through regular preventative maintenance.

Choosing JC Mechanical LLC for Top Quality AC Compressor Replacement in Denver, CO

Trust the family-owned team of heating and cooling professionals to get your air conditioning system running quickly. Call JC Mechanical LLC at 720 779-7263 today to schedule a service call.