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Residential HVAC Services Northglenn

It’s no secret that HVAC systems are essential to keeping a home comfortable year-round. But when your home needs more than just an air conditioner and a furnace, you need a reliable HVAC company like JC Mechanical to help you out of the winter doldrums and into summer.

At JC Mechanical, we know that your home is something you love, and that’s why we take great care of it. We are family-owned and operated, so we have the experience you need to get the job done right. Our certified technicians possess extensive training in all areas of heating and air conditioning repair. They understand your concerns and will work with you every step of the way. 

Additionally, we offer financing options that are tailored to meet your needs, whether you want to pay less upfront or take advantage of our low monthly payments. We also offer a 24/7 service and will even come out on weekends if necessary.

We offer an array of services for residential HVAC systems, including:

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AC Repair Services in Northglenn

It’s summer, and you are probably looking forward to a nice, cool home. But if your AC unit has been acting up, it could be time to call in the professionals, and there is no better place than JC Mechanical.

AC units are designed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But sometimes they can break down, and when they do, they can leave you without air conditioning. If this happens to you, don’t panic. Our technicians are ready to help.

If your AC is not working properly, here are some signs that it may need repairs.

  • Your house feels hot or cold at random times of the day
  • You have trouble sleeping because of heat issues
  • Your AC won’t cool off after you turn off the power at night
  • You can hear a blower running, but it isn’t really working hard enough to keep the air flowing through your house
  • Your A/C makes a lot of noise when running

When your AC starts to act up, we are here for you. From small window units to large central air units, we can quickly diagnose and repair any issues to restore your system’s efficiency. And if we determine that your unit is beyond repair, we can help you pick a replacement unit and install it for you to beat the heat effectively.

Need AC repair in Northglenn? Call us now.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement - JC Mechanical
AC Replacement - JC Mechanical

AC Installation Services in Northglenn

Enjoying an AC in your Northglenn home is one of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life. Whether you live in a single-family home or are planning on moving into a larger home, consider installing an AC because it can help to keep you cool during the summer and warm you up during the winter months. 

Remember that most Northglenn homes are older and may not have the proper ventilation required for air circulation. This means that if you don’t have an AC installed in your home, mold may grow inside or on your walls due to poor ventilation.

While the benefits of an AC installation might not be immediately apparent when considering how much money or time it will take to install one, they are quite significant. Some of them include:

  • It saves money on electricity bills by keeping your home cool all day long
  • It reduces energy costs because you don’t need to keep your home at high temperatures during the day
  • It reduces humidity levels in your home, making it more comfortable and inviting for everyone who visits it

If you don’t want any problems with your cooling system, ensure you hire only the best company like JC Mechanical to install a new system in your home. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home with multiple rooms, our experts can help you find the right system and install it for you.

If you are ready to get started on your project, call us now at 720-779-7263.

Boiler Repair & Installation Services in Northglenn

Your boiler is a valuable asset to your home, but it can also be a liability. Boilers are expensive to install and maintain. They require regular cleaning and inspection. But if you don’t clean them regularly, they can develop deposits that can cause damage to your plumbing system and other parts of your home.

If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time for a boiler repair.

  • The smell of gas in the air
  • Leaks or drips coming from pipes or vents in the walls
  • Sounds like there are water leaks around your pipes or gas leaks coming from vents near your windows
  • Moisture or mold growing inside of your boiler

If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with JC Mechanical immediately. Our technicians are ready to help you take care of those issues so that your boiler can continue functioning properly for years to come.

However, if your boiler is old, worn out, or not up to par with modern-day standards, it could cost you money by overheating your home. So, consider replacing it. With a new boiler, you will get more energy efficiency, less maintenance, and better performance than you would expect from a boiler in your home. 

At JC Mechanical, we can help you save money by recommending a new boiler that will last longer and run more efficiently than traditional models. We can also install it for you, so you can enjoy years of comfortable heating and cooling in your home.

We provide boiler repair and installation services in Northglenn. Why not give us a call today?

Boiler Repair & Maintenance - JC Mechanical
Heat Pump Repair - JC Mechanical

Heat Pump Repair & Installation Services in Northglenn

If you have a heat pump in your home, you probably know how important it is to keep it up and running. But what if something goes wrong?

Here are some signs that your heat pump needs repair in Northglenn.

  • Your heat pump is acting up more than usual and not running as reliably as it should
  • You notice a strange smell coming from your unit
  • Your unit feels hot when it’s not on but cools down once you turn it on, and then heats up again when you turn it off
  • You hear unusual noises coming from your unit (for example, grinding or buzzing sounds)
  • You hear whining noises when your unit is first turned on

If you notice any of these problems, please contact us immediately. We guarantee that we will fix your system to restore its smooth running.

However, consider installing a new unit if your system is over 10 years old and repair costs are piling up fast. A new heat pump is more efficient, meaning it uses less energy for the same level of comfort. It will also keep you safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. At JC Mechanical, we can help you install a new unit. We will ensure that you get the best service possible from start to finish.

Why wait? Call us today at  720-779-7263 to schedule your appointment.

Furnace Repair Services in Northglenn

When you have a furnace that is not working properly, it can make you feel like the world has come to an end. When your furnace stops working and the temperature drops outside, it can leave you feeling very uncomfortable and unsafe. This is why if your furnace is not performing as it should be, it’s important to take action right away.

If you notice any of these signs, then it may be time to call us.

  • You hear a humming, grumbling, or rattling noise different from the sound normal furnaces have when running
  • The fan blades look dirty or rusty or have been bent somehow. This could indicate that there is something wrong with the blower
  • The furnace smells bad. This can mean several things, including poor venting and improper wiring 
  • You see black dust coming out of your vents at night. This could be due to a clogged filter or dirty coils, but it could also be a sign that you need new filters and coils

If you notice any of these problems, call JC Mechanical right away for repairs. We will diagnose and fix any problems with your heater and install new parts or replace old parts (like filters) if necessary. We will even come at night or on weekends if you need us. From simple tuneup to full furnace replacement, we’ve got you.

To get your furnace up and running, call us now.

Furnace Repair - JC Mechanical
Furnace Installation - JC Mechanical

Furnace Installation Services in Northglenn

Do you ever have those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? Or maybe you are sick and just don’t feel like going to work. Well, we’ve got some good news. Installing a furnace in your home is a great way to ensure your home is comfortable no matter what’s going on with the rest of your life.

Furnaces are an important part of a home’s heating and cooling system, and if you are in the market for one, you might wonder what the benefits are of installing a new one. Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Your furnace can help you save money on your energy bill by reducing your heating or cooling costs
  • You can keep your home at a comfortable temperature without having to run the air conditioning or heat more often
  • You can reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by reducing the time spent in drafty rooms.
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy overall and cutting out a lot of fossil fuels from being burned unnecessarily

At JC Mechanical, we offer all-inclusive furnace installation services, which means we take care of all the parts and labor, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the industry, so we can guarantee that your furnace will be installed correctly and efficiently. We also offer preventive maintenance services, so you will never have any creeping concerns about whether your system will last through the night without fail.

Need a furnace installation service? Call us now

Choose JC Mechanical as your HVAC Contractor in Northglenn

Choosing JC Mechanical as your HVAC services provider in Northglenn is a smart choice. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to get the job done right the first time. Our technicians take great pride in providing individualized service and are highly trained to handle your needs. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our team can fix it all. And with our 24/7 availability, you can count on us when no one else is available.

Contact JC Mechanical online or call 720-779-7263 to schedule residential HVAC service for your Northglenn home.