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A reliable Denver furnace installation is the best way to mitigate the bitter Colorado winters. Is your furnace old or no longer functioning at full capacity? Leaving it to deteriorate could lead to endless problems, including endangering yourself or the family during the wintertime. 

Mechanical furnace failure typically happens unexpectedly, but there is no need to worry if you have prepared for this eventuality in advance. If you notice signs of heater failure, call an expert like JC Mechanical LLC for immediate assistance in Denver, CO, and the surrounding communities. 

We’ve offered the following expert heating and air services for over 30 years:

  • Efficient installation services at a fair price
  • Furnace repair and maintenance from experienced technicians
  • 24/7 emergency repairs on 365 days of the year

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Affordable Furnace Replacement and Installation—Denver, CO

Do you have a gas or electric furnace, heat pump, or boiler? Whatever system you rely on to keep your property warm needs to be functioning optimally by the time Denver’s cold weather arrives. Whether you have a new building going up or an existing heating system that’s gone wrong, it is best to schedule professional service as soon as possible.

A team like JC Mechanical LLC is a great choice for furnace-related repairs and replacements. We will only recommend replacement when simple repairs won’t be enough to keep your system running smoothly. Otherwise, our experienced technicians will repair the components and leave you to relax and warm up.

Furnace Installation & Replacement - JC Mechanical

Signs that You Need a New Furnace

Is it time for a heater replacement? Below, the JC Mechanical LLC team lists common signs that you may need to schedule a new heater installation: 

Furnace Installation Options - JC Mechanical

Four Common Furnace Installation Options

Are you ready to commit to a new furnace? If repairs and maintenance have revealed a need to replace your unit, there are four primary types: gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers.

Gas furnaces use natural gas as fuel, so they require gas lines and ductwork. These furnaces rely on the proper infrastructure, but the system’s energy efficiency more than counteracts any delays or extra expenses from the initial gas furnace installation. Gas furnaces tend to be more efficient than electric furnaces, and fuel also costs less. 

Electric furnaces will connect directly to your central power system and are widely available. They have a lower initial installation cost. You will also find it easy to locate a make and model that is the perfect size for your home.

Did you know that heat pumps work in both the summer and winter? You will only need one system to control cooling and heating year-round! In the wintertime, heat pumps pull air from outside, heat it, and distribute it into your home (they do the opposite in summer).

The advantages of choosing a heat pump include the following:

  • Energy efficient
  • Cost less to run than electric models
  • More environmentally-friendly

Boilers use hot water or steam to heat your house, distributing this heat through radiant floor systems or baseboard radiators. These furnace installation systems provide more evenly-distributed heat. They also improve air quality, as the heat does not come from hot air but radiates from the system itself.

FAQs: Heater Replacement, Repairs, and Maintenance in Denver, CO

Heater installation generally takes one day if there is no extra ductwork, other infrastructure to install, or specialized installation requirements.

Yes, if your cooling unit is the same age as your furnace or you have a combined unit. If you decide to replace both units at the same time, you can also invest in more energy-efficient options.

Furnaces come with an energy-efficiency rating, the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Heaters with an AFUE of 90 or more are highly efficient.

Furnaces that are too small tend to run constantly to compensate for their lack of power. On the other hand, furnaces that are too big for your house short cycle because they are too powerful for the space. They also produce lower air quality. 

The team at JC Mechanical LLC would be happy to help you determine the perfect size unit for your home. We typically consider the following factors to help you choose a heater that won’t waste energy:

  • The structure of your home (high ceilings, insulation, etc.)
  • Your heating and cooling needs
  • Your budget

JC Mechanical LLC Offers Expert Furnace Installation Near Me—Denver, CO

At JC Mechanical LLC, we prioritize integrity in all our work. That’s why we will give you an honest assessment before starting the job and consult you before doing extra repairs. We have served thousands of customers throughout Denver and would love to add you to our heating and air services list. 

What can you expect from our heating and cooling professionals?

Extensive training in furnace installation and replacement

Competitive prices on furnace repairs, including emergency services

On-time furnace maintenance services

High-quality services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Our highly-qualified staff understands that heat cuts can be dangerous in locations like Denver, CO. We will not only provide reliable routine maintenance and installation services on your heating system, but we also make our services available 24/7 in case of emergency. You can count on us for all of your heating and air needs 365 days a year. 

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