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Air Filter Replacement in Denver, CO

#1 Air Filter Replacement Service in Denver, CO

Call JC Mechanical for exceptional, hassle-free air filter replacement in Denver, CO.

Air filters remain undervalued facets of every heating and cooling system. As HVAC systems constantly circulate cool and warm air throughout your home, small bits of bacteria, hair, pet dander, and debris migrate into ventilation systems. Well-maintained, regularly changed air filters catch small particulates, while damaged or dirty air filters allow hazardous contaminants to flow freely throughout your home.

JC Mechanical specializes in heating and cooling system air filter replacement. We’ve worked in the HVAC industry for over 30 years, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of your heating and cooling systems. Dirty air filters can cause many problems, so always seek AC maintenance in Denver for effective help from trained professionals.

Signs of Outdated Air Filters

Homeowners may rarely think about or change their AC system’s air filters, but many air filters only last for 60 days. Imagine the amount of mold, dust, debris, and hair accumulating on furnace filters. All that visible and microscopic debris accumulates in ductwork systems and blows into your home daily.

Dirty AC filters dramatically reduce indoor air quality, exposing homeowners to toxic mold spores, allergens, and harmful airborne pollutants. Prolonged exposure to such debris can cause difficulty breathing, fatigue, dizziness, and severe problems for those with asthma. Common signs of dirty, damaged, or deteriorating air filters include:

  • High energy bills
  • Poor indoor temperature control
  • AC leaking water and refrigerant
  • Short cycling
  • Foul odors
  • AC blowing hot air

During the summer, a dirty air filter can cause your AC system to short cycle, malfunction, and fail to cool your home. Replacement air filters installed by trained professionals prevent serious AC issues and significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home. Our team has the training and experience to provide effective air filter replacement in Denver, CO.

Types of Air Filters

You can choose from various cooling and heating system air filters that best suit your needs. Some of the most popular air filters on the market include:

Fiberglass Filters

Fiberglass filters comprised of spun glass catch dirt, debris, and dust particles, protecting HVAC systems from damage. You can find very affordable fiberglass filters at local hardware stores, sometimes costing only three or four dollars per filter. It would be best if you replaced fiberglass filters every month.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filters use permeable materials such as cotton and polyester to prevent bacteria from entering air vents, ductwork, and evaporator coils. Pleated filters cost slightly more than fiberglass but only require replacement every 90-120 days.

Why Choose JC Mechanical

JC Mechanical always puts clients’ needs first during air filter replacement in Denver, CO. We love serving our local community and look forward to helping you with all your heating and cooling system needs. When you choose JC Mechanical, you choose quality.

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