Combi Boiler Installation

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Combi Boiler Installation in denver

Combi boilers are growing in popularity among Colorado homeowners. Why? A combi boiler installation in Denver, CO, is a highly energy-efficient way to heat every room of your home and produce hot water on demand! 

It’s now so popular that the combi boiler is quickly replacing the traditional water heater as a more energy-efficient and cost-effective choice. It’s also unmatched when it comes to heating your water and your home, so consider one of these boilers if you’re in the market for an upgrade. If you do, the team at JC Mechanical is the top choice for boiler repair services and installation in Denver, CO.

Here’s more about how cutting-edge combi boilers work:

Combi Boiler Operation

Combi boilers use oil or gas in a heat exchange system to create hot water on demand. As long as the “hot” faucet is in use, the combi boiler heats the water. When you turn the faucet off, the combi boiler stops heating it.

While traditional water heaters can sacrifice water pressure in exchange for hot water, combi boilers provide hot water without compromising water pressure. And when it is not heating water, the combi boiler acts as a heater for your entire home. They are very efficient at keeping homes warm, even during Denver’s extremely cold spells.

What’s the catch? Combi boilers can only heat water or air; they can’t do both simultaneously.

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Benefits of a Combi Boiler

Arguably, the best reason for combi boiler installation in and around Denver, CO, is the unlimited hot water. How many people in your home need to shower? It doesn’t matter; the last person will have plenty of hot water.

Is space an issue? A combi boiler is still a great choice, offering a small size boiler in comparison to other water heaters. Since it doesn’t store water in order to heat it, combi boilers have a small, sleek build.

In the same light, since a combi boiler only heats water as needed, it never wastes energy. Why heat water you don’t need? The benefit will also reflect in your monthly energy bill.

The Combi Boiler Installation Process

A professional like JC Mechanical should always install your combi boiler. Before installation, a technician will inspect your current heating system to make sure all aspects are safe. Gas lines are delicate and amateur repair can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Professional installation prevents you from damaging your new combi boiler. You should also know that any potential damage you cause during a DIY installation could void the warranty, resulting in preventable repair costs.

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Why spend another month paying sky-high electric bills while taking cold showers? Feel free to call us about any type of residential HVAC services in Denver, including a combi boiler installation. The experts at JC Mechanical would love to schedule your appointment to help you and your family stay comfortable year-round.

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